Individual, couples, or family counseling will provide a safe space to explore feelings and learn coping strategies with the help of a trained mental health professional. Counseling sessions can be a more private and focused way to explore feelings related to grief.

  • Individual Counseling: This may be especially helpful to individuals who are having difficulty processing a traumatic, sudden, or especially difficult loss. For individuals experiencing grief symptoms that inhibit their ability to take care of themselves or others, individual counseling is likely the most effective place to seek help.

  • Family and/or Couples Counseling: Because family dynamics can change after a loss, this may be a good option to ensure that the family unit can respect each other’s unique grief experiences and differences while still supporting each other.

Interested in finding a therapist or counselor?

If you are interested in finding a therapist/counselor or professionally led support group, please consider using the websites below to search based on therapist specialty, treatment modalities, accepted insurance, and location.


Psychology Today Treatment Services Locator

Pro Bono Counseling Project

If you live in Maryland, you may qualify for free therapy. The Pro Bono Counseling Project offers therapy to families, couples, and individuals. They can help with depression, anxiety, grief, relationship issues, feelings of being overwhelmed, problems at work, and more.

Call for a free interview: 410-825-1001 or 877-323-5800

Visit their website here.